Health Preparedness Partners works with businesses and other organizations to help them prepare for a future infectious disease outbreak. Our services include expert consultation and guidance in developing a preparedness strategy, operational response plans, and a blueprint to test those plans. Our extensive background in health emergency planning and response, partnership development, and public health will enable clients to develop and incorporate planning for infectious disease threats into their continuity plans.

Business Consulting

Is your business prepared to stay operational and even profitable during a pandemic or health emergency? Don't disappoint your clients, customers, and shareholders when disaster strikes. Impress them with your plan and preparedness

Government Consulting

Is your country prepared to stay operational and care for its citizens during a pandemic or health emergency without further spreading infection and compromising safety and security? Be prepared for the worst.

Onsite Training

A critical step of preparedness is testing and practicing your plan. Ensure that your organization knows exactly how to implement your plan with customized exercises and training that ensure your organization remains operational during health crises.

Public Speaking

Dr. Lisa Koonin is a recognized as an engaging and informative national and international speaker on a number of emergency preparedness and response topics who has an innovative and fresh perspective on emergency preparedness.  

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