Selected Publications:  Dr. Lisa M. Koonin


100 years since 1918: Medical  Countermeasures and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness.

Jester B, Uyeki T, Patel A, Koonin LM, Jernigan D.  Am J Public Health. 108(11):1469-1472. 2018.

Novel framework for assessing epidemiologic effects of influenza epidemics and pandemics.

Reed C, Biggerstaff M, Finelli L, Koonin LM, et. al. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 19(1):85-91. 2013. 

Interim updated planning guidance on allocating and targeting pandemic influenza vaccine during an influenza pandemic

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2018.

Updated preparedness and response framework for influenza pandemics. 

Holloway R, Rasmussen SA, Zaza S, Cox N, Jernigan DB, with the Influenza Pandemic Framework Workgroup.

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Exploring National Surveillance for Health-Related Workplace Absenteeism: Lessons Learned From the 2009 Influenza A Pandemic

Groenewold, MR, Konicki DL, Luckhaupt SE, Gomaa A, Koonin LM. 

Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 7(2):160-166. 2013.



CDC's 2009 H1N1 vaccine pharmacy initiative in the United States: implications for future public

health and pharmacy collaborations for emergency response

Koonin LM, Beauvais DR, Shimabukuro T, Wortley PM, Palmier JB, Stanley TR, Theofilos J, Merlin TL.

Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2011 Dec;5(4):253-5. 2011 

Leveraging partnerships among community pharmacists, pharmacies, and health departments

to improve pandemic influenza response

Rubin SE, Schulman RM, Roszak AR, Herrmann J, Patel A, Koonin LM.

Biosecur Bioterror. 2014 Mar-Apr;12(2):76-84. 2014.


Place of Influenza Vaccination Among Adults-United States, 2010-11 Influenza Season

ED Kennedy, TA Santibanez, CB Bridges, PM Wortley,  LM Koonin -MMWR Morbidity and Mortality

Weekly Report. 60(23). 781-785. 2011.


Scripted Surge Pharmacy Pandemic Exercise: Testing Vaccine Administration and Antiviral Dispensing

Sokolow LZ, Patel A, Koonin LM, Graitcer SB. Health Security. 16(4):262-273. 2018. 


Pharmacist Views on Alternative Methods for Antiviral Distribution and Dispensing During an Influenza Pandemic

SteelFisher GK, Benson JM, Caporello H, Koonin LM, Patel A, Ben-Porath E, Blendon RJ.

Health Security. 16(2):108-118. 2018. 


Public Views on Alternative Methods for Antiviral Distribution and Dispensing During an Influenza Pandemic

SteelFisher GK, Caporello H, Patel A, Koonin LM. - Health Security. (16)6: 2018 


Public response to community mitigation measures for pandemic influenza

Blendon RJ, Koonin LM, Benson J, Cetron MS, Pollard WE, Mitchell EWWeldon KJ, Herrmann MJ. 

Emerging Infectious Diseases. 14(5):778-786. 2008


School closure to reduce influenza transmission

Koonin LM, Cetron MS. Letter to the Editor. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 15(1):137-138. 2009.


Selecting nonpharmaceutical strategies to minimize influenza spread: the 2009 influenza A (H1N1)

pandemic and beyond

Barrios LC, Koonin LM, Kohl KS, Cetron M. Public Health Reports.127(6):565-71. 2012.


Community mitigation guidelines to prevent pandemic influenza—United States, 2017

Qualls, NL, Levitt, AM, Kanade N, Wright-Jegede N, Dopson S, Biggerstaff M, Reed C, Uzicanin A

and Working Group (L Koonin). MMWR Recommendations and Reports. 66(RR-1). 2017.



Timely Antiviral Administration During an Influenza Pandemic: Key Components

Koonin LM, Patel A. American Journal of Public Health. 108(S3):S215-S220. 2018 


Estimating the United States demand for influenza antivirals and the effect on severe influenza

disease during a potential pandemic.    

O'Hagan JJWong KKCampbell APPatel ASwerdlow DLFry AMKoonin LMMeltzer MI.

Clinical Infectious Diseases. 60(0 1):S30-S41. 2015 


100 years since 1918: Medical  Countermeasures and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness.

Jester B, Uyeki T, Patel A, Koonin LM, Jernigan D.  Am J Public Health. 108(11):1469-1472. 2018.


Estimates of the demand for mechanical ventilation in the United States during an influenza pandemic

Meltzer, MI., Patel A, Ajao A, Nystrom SV, Koonin LM - Clinical Infectious Diseases. 60(0 1):S52-S57. 2015. 


Assessing the capacity of the US health care system to use additional mechanical ventilators

during a large-scale public health emergency

Ajao ANystrom SVKoonin LMPatel AHowell DRBaccam PLant TMalatino EChamberlin MMeltzer MI

Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 9(6):634-641. 2015.


A conceptual framework for allocation of federally stockpiled ventilators during large-scale

public health emergencies

Zaza S, Koonin LM, Ajao A, Nystrom SV, Branson R, Patel A, Bray B, Iademarco MF. Health Security 14(1):1-6. 2016. 


Potential demand for respirators and surgical masks during a hypothetical influenza pandemic in the United States

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Clinician beliefs and attitudes regarding use of respiratory protective devices and surgical masks for influenza

Pillai SK, Beekmann SE, Babcock HM, Pavia AT, Koonin LM, Polgreen PM. Health Security. 13(4):274-280. 2015.


Systems for rapidly detecting and treating persons with ebola virus disease--United States.

Koonin LM, Jamieson DJ, Jernigan JA, Van Beneden CA, Kosmos C, Harvey MC, Pietz H, Bertolli J, Perz JF,

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MMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly report, 64(8). 2015. 


Infectious disease physician assessment of hospital preparedness for Ebola virus disease

Polgreen PM, Santibanez S, Koonin LM, Rupp ME, Beekmann SE, Del Rio C.

Open Forum Infect Dis. 2015 Jun 18;2(3):ofv087. 2015 


US hospital preparedness for obstetrics patients with possible Ebola

Meaney-Delman D, Koonin LM, Jamieson DJ. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

212(4):417-9. 2015. 


Early identification and prevention of the spread of Ebola—United States

Van Beneden CA, Pietz H, Kirkcaldy RD, Koonin LM, Uyeki TM, Oster AM, Levy DA, Glover M,

Arduino MJ, Merlin TL, Kuhar DT, Kosmos C, Bell BP. MMWR Suppl. 2016 Jul 8;65(3):75-84. 2016.



Contraception as a Medical Countermeasure to Reduce Adverse Outcomes Associated With Zika Virus

Infection in Puerto Rico: The Zika Contraception Access Network Program.

Romero L, Koonin LM, Zapata LB, Hurst S, Mendoza Z, Lathrop E with the Z-CAN Program Development

Working Group. Am J Public Health. 2018 Sep;108(S3):S227-S230. 2018.


Cost-effectiveness of increasing access to contraception during the Zika virus outbreak, Puerto Rico, 2016

Li RSimmons KBBertolli JRivera-Garcia BCox SRomero LKoonin LMValencia-Prado MBracero N

Jamieson DJBarfield WMoore CAMai CTKorhonen LCFrey MTPerez-Padilla JTorres-Muñoz RGrosse SD

Emerging infectious Diseases. 23(1):74-82. 2017. 


Broadening access to medical care during a severe influenza pandemic: the CDC nurse triage line project

Koonin LM, Hanfling D. Biosecurity and Bioterrorism. 11(1):75-80. 2013.

Facilitating access to antiviral medications and information during an influenza pandemic: engaging

with the public on possible new strategies

Fain BA, Koonin LM, Stoto MA, Shah UA, Cooper SR, Piltch-Loeb RN, Kellermann AL.

Biosecur Bioterror. 12(1):8-19. 2014.

Estimating Weekly Call Volume to a National Nurse Telephone Triage Line in an Influenza Pandemic

Adhikari BB, Koonin LM, Mugambi ML, Sliger KD, Washington ML, Kahn EB, Meltzer MI.

Health Security.16(5):334-340. 2018.


A systematic review of selected interventions for worksite health promotion

Soler RELeeks KDRazi SHopkins DPGriffith MAten AChattopadhyay SKSmith SCHabarta N

Goetzel RZPronk NPRichling DEBauer DRBuchanan LRFlorence CSKoonin LMacLean D

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Task Force on Community Preventive Services.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 38(2). S237–S262. 2010.

Purchaser's guide to clinical preventive services; moving science into coverage.

Campbell, KP, Lanza, A and the National Business Group on Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2006

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