Is your business prepared to stay operational during a pandemic or infectious disease health emergency? Be prepared to protect your business, customers, and shareholders when disaster strikes.

Many businesses and organizations have business continuity plans that address natural disasters, such as a flood, fire, winter storm, or hurricane. However, few businesses have prepared for the effects of an infectious disease outbreak— even though the cost of unpreparedness is much higher than the cost preparation. Widespread outbreaks can cause high levels of worker absenteeism and a significant impact on business functions.

Health Preparedness Partners provides expert consultation so that your business continuity plans include practical and sustainable plans to respond to an infectious disease threat. 

"Billions of dollars and millions of lives and livelihoods depend on the business community’s collective response to the changing threat of epidemics. Better corporate citizenship towards such threats enables companies to deliver substantial shareholder and social value at the same time.

The business community must step up now and play its full part in protecting societies from the rising threat of infectious diseases."

World Economic Forum, January 2019

Outbreak Readiness and Business Impact

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