Health Emergency Preparedness Strategies


Few organizations prepare for the effects of an infectious disease outbreak even though the cost of unpreparedness is much higher than the cost of preparation.


Widespread outbreaks can cause high levels of absenteeism and significantly impact business functions. Influenza pandemics and severe outbreaks of other diseases can ravage a business's profits, disrupt an organization's operations, and compromise the long term viability of an enterprise.

Infectious disease outbreaks do not stop for communities, businesses, healthcare systems, or economies. They can be a major threat to continuity of operations. It's not IF but WHEN the next infectious disease pandemic will occur, likely with little warning and requiring a complex response. Adequate plans cannot be developed “on the fly.”

Organizations that develop and implement an infectious disease response (as part of their existing business continuity plans), can significantly reduce these harmful impacts. Let Health Preparedness Partners help you prepare your business, health department, healthcare facility, or organization with a practical and sustainable plan to mitigate the impact of infectious disease outbreaks.

Is your business prepared to stay operational and even profitable during a pandemic or infectious disease health emergency? Be prepared to protect your business, customers, and shareholders when disaster strikes. 

Business Consulting

Government Consulting

Is your health department or organization prepared to stay operational while caring for its citizens during a pandemic or health emergency?  Have you tested your continuity plans?  Be prepared to protect your operations while leading a response. 

On-site Training

Testing and practicing your preparedness plan is critical. Your organization must know exactly how to implement your plan. Customized exercises and training can be designed to keep your organization operational during an infectious disease outbreak.

Public Speaking

Dr. Lisa Koonin is recognized as an engaging and informative speaker on a number of emergency preparedness and response topics. She is a frequent speaker globally, with an innovative and fresh perspective on emergency preparedness.  

"The impact of pandemic influenza outbreaks on individuals and societies can be reduced by being well prepared. This means having a comprehensive plan that has been tested and refined through conducting exercises."

• World Health Organization, 2018 •


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